Rio London

Selfridges in London during Rio Festival season...

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title or description

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I have left them without a cut because they are not so big, but if you want me to put them behind one then I shall.
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The night has me
In its opiate embrace
But I have no peace
And I cannot slow my pace
My heart will not be still
And my mind ever quickens
Rest flees before my will
But my dismay ever thickens

The night has me
But my soul remains awake
I shall have no peace
The charms of dreams are fake
My eyes drift o’er the sky
Stars hold me in their sway
And in my soul I shall die
Until I am drowned by the ruby light of day

Written oh so long ago... it feels like plagiarism posting it, since it was not truly me who penned it, rather a stranger I used to be. It attempts to surmise my most common feeling of withheld sleep, but I feel it is lacking something. Help?
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