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(my essay for my cultural arts portfolio)
So I guess I am supposed to write an essay. What this essay is meant to be about is, unfortunately, a mystery to me. I am not going to lie. I did receive a very brief and very vague account of what elements should be included in this essay. And, perhaps, had I paid attention to this explanation, it may have been of some assistance to me.
But, regardless of the ill-defined description I received and my lack of attention span in this particular matter (which may account for the many tangents I happen to go off on in this essay) I am going to continue as if I have the slightest idea of what I am talking about.
In the traditional essay of this sort I suppose I am inclined to write a little bit about myself. Which I hate doing. But I guess if you want the bare essentials then who am I to object. I was born in February of the year 1987 which would make me seventeen at present. I, most patently, will not be seventeen forever. In fact, next year I will be turning eighteen. I go to high school at Hills East which is...tolerable at best. I live with one sister, two brothers, my mother and my father. I also have a dog, not that I hold her in such high the moment.
Obviously by my interest in this program I find writing a semi-enjoyable means of spending (or possibly wasting) time. I have been writing since I learned how and I like to think (or rather hope) that I am alright at it. But, then again, I also like to think that holding doors open for others, by default, makes you a good person which, as I’ve been told by others, is not necessarily apodictic or, inevitably, the truth.
Yes, ideally I would like to pursue a career in writing. Yes, I am aware of the difficulties I might encounter in my endeavor to achieve this goal. But, to incorporate colloquialism into this sorry attempt at an essay, whatever. At this point in my life it is really the only path I can see myself traveling on.
From this program I really do not know what I hope to gain. But I am sure Iwill end up gaining something. Or at least I hope to end up gaining something. Potentially a substantial increment in my writing abilities or even just a slight improvement. I believe that it may help in my quest to cure poverty, world hunger and disease...or maybe not.
Excluding these final statements as well as the title, this essay is 381 case you needed to know. I don’t remember if there was a specific word count necessary for this essay but in case there was and I fell short or (as far fetched as it may seem) wrote too much, I fall to my knees and beg for your forgiveness. And yes, this final paragraph was, in fact, only added to further extend this essay.
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