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I humbly submit a small fragment of self...

a) Name: Monika Novakova (aka dancing_shadow)

b) Age : 17

c) What one does, and what media one prefers to work with:
I enjoy calling myself 'writer' and 'photographer'. This, however, says little or nothing. Concretely, I am a scribbler of words. An insomniac vendor of time. I dabble in poetry, but I mostly thrive on short stories. As for my photography, I am technologically useless, so there is no photoshopping or other computer-art involved, just simple silver-bromide prints. I cannot really tell you what I photograph, because it is far too random. I prefer black and white, but colour is sometimes necessary.

d) An example of something one has drawn, written, painted, etc.

Sonnet for my dreams of You

Silence sighs through branches bare
A tortured, soundless spirit’s cry,
The song of the restless dead, a sigh
Proclaiming the touch of chill despair
As the lightless night fills the air;
But behind this window the world drifts by
And with you there is no pain nor lie,
As I am caught within your stare,
And sweet bliss keeps this dream
Alive in my slumbering mind
And reality slips gently past
While your presence has me blind,
Like snowflakes on a steam
Whose beauty cannot, shall not, last.

And a photograph for good measure....

title or description

So there you have me, I shall await your judgment in eager purgatory. I bid you good day and good night.

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