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Mmm... Hello.

Shadow put me onto this…

a) Walter Richard Sickert
b) 24 (soon 25)
c) Free-lance artist, working in Camden.
d) Diana’s Lover.

Don’t try to repair, the damage you’ve done!
Don’t try to explain how or why -
You think that to hurt, to cheat, steal and lie
Is what should be thought of as fun!
You led me to think I could trust what you said,
You know I’m too weak to resist:
To dwell on your lips for the chance I’d be kissed,
To languish here ‘til I am dead.
So next time you hold me; break my heart as you do,
I beg you to spare me the pain -
Gather the shards up together again -
Or plant one and grow me anew.
And then I shall leave you – run out in the rain!
I’ll not make the same mistake twice:
This nescient fool loved a heart made of ice!
Oh you’ll never see me again!!!

And forgive the lj-cut thing if it's incorrect...
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